Elro Series M300 Mobile Peristaltic Pumps

ELRO M300 series Peristaltic Pumps were designed for safe, quick and mobile applications in the most varied industrial operating conditions.

Over many years this unique, patented pump system has been and is successfully used world-wide for more and more new applications.

The basic idea during the development of the mobile peristaltic pumps was to integrate the advantages of standard peristaltic pumps and to achieve a compact, portable and flexible design. This idea was realised through a special, patented concept in the pump housing design. 

It enables the use of thin-walled pumping hoses, which are continuously expanded to their full cross-section by the permanent vacuum. Pumping capacities up to 20 m3/h can be achieved.

The pump housing is manufactured from cast aluminium. The NW50 (2”) KL camlock fast coupling suction and discharge connections can be supplied in either aluminium, stainless steel, bronze or polypropylene. The extensive range of alternative hose materials means that almost all fluid media can be handled, including acids and other corrosive products.

The M range of peristaltic pumps are rated to a maximum discharge pressure of 2 bar. 

Dependant on pump models the following drive options are standard options: electric motor, Diesel engine, petrol engine, hydraulic drive, water turbine and pneumatic motor.

  • Flow rates up to 29.5m3/h
  • Discharge pressures up to 13 bar
  • Suction lift up to 9.5m
  • Good solids handling including fibrous material

Suitable for the following industries: