Elro Series IP Industrial Peristaltic Pumps

The patented ‘Hose-in-Hose’ vacuum system incorporated in the IP range design, enhances the inherent peristaltic pumping benefits offered by conventional peristaltic pump design.

Suction lift and overall performance are improved and the ‘Hose-in-Hose’ system also offers early warning of an imminent hose failure as a result of normal hose wear.

The ELRO IP Peristaltic type pumps have no valves, seal or glands and the pumped media only contacts the pump hose. Simple to install, easy to operate and requiring low maintenance, the Peristaltic type pump is the solution to the most difficult pumping application. 

Particular advantages apply to the pumping of abrasive mixtures and media containing long fibrous, stringy solids. Very high viscosity media and delicate suspended solids can also be handled.

The sealed and lubricated pump housing ensures tolerance for dry running, critical in the transfer of liquid/gas mixtures. Flow rate is easily varied simply by regulating the speed of pump rotation.

  • Flow rates up to 29.5m3/h
  • Pressures up to 13 bar
  • Suction lifts up to 9.5m

Suitable for the following industries: