DD Double Disc Pumps

Dual Disc pumps are designed for use within effluent and industrial treatment processes where arduous duties in harsh conditions exist.

For pumping media such as sludges, effluents and other wastes at flow rates up to 45 m3/h, throughout municipal and industrial treatment processes. The glandless Double Disc design gives indefinite dry running capability with good self priming and exceptional tolerance of problem solids including rag, fibrous matter and grit.

Double Disc pumps are established throughout water/waste and industrial processing as economical, low maintenance units suitable for arduous duties and harsh conditions. The Double Disc design eliminates the shaft sealing and valve problems inherent in other pump types and they are widely used for sludge transfer on unmanned primary sewage treatment works.

DD Range pumps have a particular ability to handle media with rag, fibrous or stringy content. In addition to sludge transfer, these pumps can handle liquids, slurries, large suspended solids, thixotropic media and liquid/gas mixtures.

Double Disc Pumps have a patented shaft/disc configuration that offers a smooth and quiet operation.

Disc pumps replace other technologies such as Progressing Cavity pumps which are traditionally used on lift applications where dry running and high spares cost are known problems.

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Glandless Double Disc gives indefinite dry running capability
  • Eliminates the sealing and valve problems of other pump types
  • Simple and durable construction withstands harsh conditions and arduous applications
  • Good tolerance of rag, fibrous matter and large solids in suspension
  • Good self priming characteristics
  • Low cost, simple maintenance
  • Mobile model options

Suitable for the following industries: