SSP Series L Rotary Lobe Pumps

The SSP Series L range of rotary lobe pumps combines cost-effective simplicity with SSP quality and reliability.

SSP Series L stainless steel rotary lobe pumps provide the simple solution to many processes, fulfilling a wide range of application requirements throughout various industries worldwide.

Series L pumps are EHEDG accredited (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) for the highest level of cleanability. They are suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place) and conform to USA 3A Sanitary.

Handling from low to high viscosity pumped media the characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action is ideal for delicate media and where organic solids in suspension, creams, froths, gels, emulsions and mixtures are to be pumped.

  • Compact size
  • High efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reversible operation
  • Smooth flow
  • Low shear pumping
  • Hygienic design
  • EHEDG accreditation
  • Minimal pumped media agitation

The Series L pump range has six pump head displacements ranging from 0.17 litres/rev to 0.82 litres/rev.

  • Flow rates up to 48 m3/h
  • Differential pressures up to 8 bar
  • Port sizes from 40 mm to 80 mm diameter

The Series L pump offers high efficiency transfer of low, medium and high viscosity pumped media. This important aspect of performance is achieved by maintaining high accuracy and repeatability of component part manufacture, thereby maximising shaft rigidity and minimising the effects of thermal expansion within the pump gearbox. This combination allows the optimum pump head geometry to be achieved which, in turn maximises volumetric efficiency.

A stainless steel gear canister and electroless nickel plated bearing housing provides a clean, paint free corrosion resistant external finish.

Simple factory pre-set shimming and front loading mechanical seals provide quick, easy maintenance and interchangeability of components, resulting in increased processing time and reduced maintenance costs.

The Series L pump has full through-bore inlet and outlet ports to International Standards. This reduces inlet and outlet port losses, thereby lowering NPSH requirements. 

Suitable for the following industries: