SSP Series SD Single Disc Pumps

SSP Single Disc pumps are designed for use within effluent processes for pumping sludges and other waste media having entrained solids.

For pumping waste media, especially sludges and effluents with entrained large solids, throughout municipal and industrial treatment processes.

SSP Single Disc pumps fulfil the need for low cost, low maintenance units with the ability to handle a variety a waste water and effluent transfer applications and good tolerance of suspended solids and rag.

These pumps have compact, robust build and provide a mechanically simple but highly effective solution to low and medium waste transfer duties where good suction conditions apply. The absence of a stuffing box, packed glands or mechanical seals allows indefinate dry running and eliminates the maintenance costs associated with these components.

The pump body is designed with the discharge port higher than the suction port to avoid the risk of air or gas build up inside the pump chamber.

SSP Single Disc pumps form a key part of the complete range of dedicated solids bearing media transfer solutions provided by SSP to the water and waste treatment industries.

  • Good solids and rag handling capability.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Specially designed valves for long service life.
  • Fast and simple parts replacement.
  • Facility for onsite flow rate adjustment.
  • Compact and robust build.
  • Quick delivery option.
  • Indefinate dry running.
  • Pulsation dampers an optional extra.
  • Angled pump body for air/gas lock protection. 

Suitable for the following industries: